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  • The ARC Group company is dealing with the printing and reproduction of antique fascimiles books. Books are hand-sewn and made from carefully selected materials and enriched with precious stones. Special emphasis is given by the company to the smallest details, that will enrich the originality of the books and fully match them to the originals.

    • Quality
      The ARC Group has received many flattering compliments for the quality of its work.

    • Experience
      In its illustrious career, the ARC Group has produced The Biggest Quran In The World and many other difficult works for respective clients.

    • Team Of Expertise
      Our team comprises of expertise team of highly skilled and qualified professionals that we have in the fields of photography, colour separation, handicraft and printing, papermaking, parchment making, vellum making, quarryinglaser cutting, leather tanning, marquetry, bookbinding, silver making, gilding, acrylic fabrication and packaging.

Wide Selection Of Fscimile Books

Our Most Precious Books Of All Time

Best Work
    1. Ernest Renan: History of Origin of Christianity
    2. N. Kondakov: History and Relics of Byzantine Enamel
    3. The Firebird
    4. Jean-Baptiste Racine: Works
    1. Prosper Merimee: La Jacquerie
    2. The World of Michelangelo
    3. Jean-Baptiste Moliere: The Imaginary Invalid
    4. TORA
    1. Life Of Saints
    2. Alexandre Dumas: The Three Musketeers
    3. Alfred Lord Tennyson: Idylls Of The King
    4. D. Defoe: Robinskon Crusoe
    1. Maurice Maeterlinck: The Blue Bird
    2. QUR’AN
    3. And much more…
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New Arrival – Bosansko Kraljetstvo

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  • Shortcode GeneratorPrestigious Work

    The author and the editorial team have included the maximum of their abilities in this work.
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  • Shortcode GeneratorArtistic Mastery

    696 pages of this luxurious edition, is the most integral and most beautiful representation.
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  • Easy to CustomizeUnique Illustrations

    The inner pages of this work are decorated with artistic initials, royal coats of arms and coat of arms of noble families, genealogical and governmental trees, historical maps, illustrations.
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